End-to-end Design & Execution of Sports Infrastructure Projects

JMR Sporting provides consultation, implementation and execution services for designing and constructing sporting arenas and associated sporting & fitness-related infrastructure. We supply high-quality material for sporting infrastructure like LED Floodlights, High Mast, Tall Poles with all fitted accessories, high-quality aluminum/steel cladded /fire resistant prefabricated spaces, artificial turfs, etc., at a reasonable cost. JMR Sporting has an enviable reputation as the leading sports infrastructure developer company in UAE based out at Sharjah and operates all across UAE, India and other global regions.

We have expertise and resources to ensure seamless turnkey projects to help our clients develop their own sports arena and sports set up anywhere. Our sports infra developers build world-class sports grounds and facilities/ services. We offer more than sports infra development and upgrade and enhance existing sports infrastructure for institutions, clubs, and societies efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Sports Infrastructure
  • Design & Execution
  • Upgrading Sports Infra
  • Sports Infra Management

JMR Sporting offers comprehensive support for sports infrastructure projects to manufacture and supply top-quality materials at a highly competitive cost.

The complete requirements for sports infrastructure management projects like LED Floodlights, High Masts, Cables, all fitted with international-standards equipment and accessories, high-quality Aluminium / steel-cladded fire-resistant Prefabricated Spaces, Artificial Turfs, Nets, Fences, and other materials are manufactured by us and supplied globally. The indisputable quality of the materials we source and supply and the unbeatable prices naturally make us the first choice for all kinds of sporting infrastructure needs.

JMR LED Lighting

LED Lighting Solutions by Estrella

JMR Sporting offers 360-degree professional LED lighting solutions...

JMR LED Displays

LED Displays By Estrella

JMR Sporting’s Estrella offers specialized LED screens for indoor and...

JMR High Masts

High Masts by Alto Fuerte

We offer high-quality engineered masts and lighting poles for sports...

JMR Gym Equipment

Gym Equipment & Accessories

At JMR Sporting we manufacture and supply complete set of Gym...

JMR Turf & Sports Flooring

Turf & Sports Flooring

We offer end-to-end flooring and turfs for various sports and fitness...

JMR Prefabricated Spaces

Prefabricated Spaces

We offer end-to-end flooring and turfs for various sports and fitness...

JMR Infra Landscaping

Sports Infra Landscaping

JMR Sporting offers specialized landscaping solutions for various...

JMR Vinyl Fence

Vinyl Fence

JMR Sporting offers various types of Vinyl Fences to suit your outdoor...

JMR Infra Landscaping

Sports Infra Landscaping

JMR Sporting offers specialized landscaping solutions for various...

LED Lighting Solutions by Estrella

JMR Sporting offers 360-degree professional LED lighting solutions for Sports Infrastructure, covering Stadium Lighting, Sports Field Lighting, and Indoor Sports Lighting, under the brand name Estrella.

The name ‘Estrella’ signifies a Star and our products reflect the key attributes of a Star – Efficiency, Stability, and Durability. Our LED lights under the brand name Estrella have been designed specifically for sports infrastructure projects, to function efficiently, maintain stability under tough conditions, and have immense durability.

Estrella offers a series floodlights to fulfil various lighting requirements for different sports fields, stadia, and other sports facilities. Estrella provides the most energy-efficient LED lights and related equipment at the most competitive prices.

Stadium Lighting

We are specialized in researching, developing, and producing series of LED flood lights specifically for sports stadiums. We also provide professional lighting solutions and other integrated services.

  • Adopt with high performance Meanwell driver, Lumileds 6M'5050 LEDs
  • Super bright, reach high efficiency 150-160Lm/W
  • Fin Aluminium housing design, for the best heat sink solutions, 20% weight lighter compare to other lights
  • Anti-dust designable to be with flushable cleaning
  • Protractor scale for easier aiming of 150 single LED module adjustable; 3600 rotatable LED panel
  • 1800 adjustable for the whole lamp with Round installation plate

Salt spray resistant, corrosive resistant, processed with dedicated treatments on the heat sink and other 6 components, these fixtures can withstand corrosive and salt intensive environments.

Our professional stadium lighting solutions will create an exuberant sporting environment for your stadium and bring alive the excitement of the sports events.

Sports Field Lighting

We are specialized in Sports Field Lighting with knowledge and expertise to offer high-class lighting for different sports fields. Each sports field requires a different type of lighting, with specific height of the mast, angled at a particular degree, and with specific luminescence. We provide the right combination for each sports field such as football field, cricket ground, tennis court, golf course, hockey field, and basketball court, among others, as per its international standards, with high-quality raw materials.

Our sports field lighting solutions offer the perfectly illuminated ambience for your sports fields, while ensuring your maintenance cost is minimal.

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LED Displays By Estrella

JMR Sporting’s Estrella offers specialized LED screens for indoor and outdoor sporting events, stadiums, advertising, and live events and concerts under the brand name Estrella. Estrella brings you a choice of LED screens and displays, electronic billboards for indoor and outdoor use, video walls, time and temperature display, animated pharmacy crosses and signs, large outdoor video screens, LED nets and curtains for stages, concerts and building walls.

Outdoor Screens

Estrella offers quality LED video display boards which are known for their high brightness, True color LED technology. These cutting-edge display boards are most suitable for streaming live matches, street advertising, shopping centres, stadia, and live events.

Indoor Screens

LED indoor video displays are ideal for indoor stadiums, sports halls, conventions or exhibitions, fancy shopping malls, hotels and casinos, and airports. The displays produced high resolution, fine pitch, for an optimum viewing experience from a close distance (3-4m minimum distance required for a dot-free vision of P2mm pitch).

Transparent LED Glass Screens

These are highly specialized screens designed as transparent modules for glass buildings to display videos and pictures through the glass panels. Installed from inside, several pitches are available from 3/8 to 10mm with a brightness up to 6000 Nits. Operated by a central PC or video processor, glass walls can perform like a normal giant video screen, day and / or night, as you can choose between two brightness or all day, or night only use, while looking like normal glass walls during the day. Power consumption is low, life very long (over 6 years), and maintenance negligible.

High Masts by Alto Fuerte

We offer high-quality engineered masts and lighting poles for sports fields, stadia, sports arenas, and indoor sports complexes, under the brand name Alto Fuerte which means ‘Tall & Strong.’ We follow a consultative approach where our team of expert engineers visit the site, fully understand your requirements to ensure fast-tracked execution at optimal cost. The design, strength of materials, forging and finishing that goes into the construction of our high masts ensure that they have been engineered to stand tall and strong in all weather conditions.

The Engineering that Goes into Our High Masts

The consultative approach by our team of expert engineers ensures that the structural foundation and the execution of the projects is based on our scientific analysis that include wind-test, structural-test, and soil-test.

Alto Fuerte employs state-of-the-art engineering techniques to manufacture an extensive variety of lighting poles and high mast lighting structures specialized for sports infrastructure. The superior design and the quality of materials used in production, ensure efficiency, durability, and economy for your lighting needs of various sports venues.

The flexibility of our manufacturing process provides consistency from small to large lighting poles and structures. This allows for a customized pole design made to your exact specifications with the right materials to withstand the harshest environments.

Why Choose Alto Fuerte?

Some of our features that have given us an edge over our competitors are:

  • Consultative approach by engineers to provide the best-fit solutions
  • Stringent quality control measures
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing processes
  • High-quality raw materials used for production
  • Competitive prices with value-adds
  • Timely delivery and execution of the projects
  • Reduced maintenance expenses and a longer service life
  • Comes with 5-year warranty

Gym Equipment & Accessories

At JMR Sporting we manufacture and supply complete set of Gym equipment and accessories for commercial as well as residential spaces under the brand name H2H. H2H is our way of ensuring Health to Happiness for all. H2H offers comprehensive Fitness Solutions, Gym Equipment, and accessories that are customized for your project. With H2H gym equipment and accessories, your projects can boast of world-class gymnasiums at economical cost.

Our best-in-class gym equipment include ellipticals, exercise bikes, free weights, multi-gyms, indoor cycles, rowers, steppers, treadmills and more. Our expertise in sports and fitness ensure that we offer solutions that are customized to your requirements as per your allocated budget.

Our professional consultative approach, transparent trading practices, cost-effective solutions and complete customer satisfaction makes us the first choice for Gym requirements for residential projects, commercial gyms, corporate offices, and educational institutions.

Turf & Sports Flooring

We offer end-to-end flooring and turfs for various sports and fitness infrastructure. Be it multi-use gym flooring, competitive basketball courts, weight room flooring, yoga studios, volleyball flooring, or indoor tennis and badminton courts, we offer a wide range of indoor sports surfaces for many different activities and levels of competition. Our knowledge, expertise and execution capabilities will ensure that your project gets the best flooring solution.

Prefabricated Spaces

JMR Sporting delivers affordable and reliable portable accommodation and buildings for not just sports arenas and sporting complexes, but also for companies across oil & gas, educational, real estate, and medical and industries. We specialize in providing prefabricated cabins, modular buildings, steel structures and containerized units. Be it stand-alone cabins to state-of-the-art buildings and everything in between, we offer prompt, flexible and value-for-money solutions.

Sports Infra Landscaping

JMR Sporting offers specialized landscaping solutions for various sports infrastructure projects. We offer end-to-end design and execution of interior & exterior landscaping with a comprehensive range of products like live plant installations, custom plant containers, artificial environment, and high impact green walls, tailormade specifically for sports infrastructure.

Our skilled team of expert professionals follow a consultative and collaborative approach to incorporate your suggestions, blending with our innovation to deliver the best results.

Garden Design

We specialize in creating functional and attractive lawns, revitalizing gardens, and redefining your outdoor spaces in your sports infrastructure projects. We design, and supply quality materials like pots, medium, plants, trees, garden furniture, lighting, etc., and execute the idea flawlessly.

Gazebo & Pergola

We offer design and execution services of contemporary gazebo or designer pergolas, or Paris gazebo, and other types of outdoor or garden shelters for the outdoor environs of your sports infrastructure project. These gazebos/pergolas offer perfect shelters while seamlessly blending into the outdoor ambience and adding functional as well as aesthetic design value to your outdoor spaces.

Vinyl Fence

JMR Sporting offers various types of Vinyl Fences to suit your outdoor or indoor requirements. We design customized fences based on your requirements including sizes and color customization. The fences are UV resistant and can withstand strong ultraviolet rays all year round.

We ensure that the fences are manufactured with 100% virgin material are used and not recycled materials and that it is defect-free. When installed under normal conditions and proper use, these products will not peel, pit, wrap, crack, discoloration, abnormally weather, or insect damage.

Sports Infra Landscaping

We provide a complete range of sporting and protective netting services for stadiums, sports halls, sports centres, sports nets, golf courses, tennis courts, cricket training pitches, soccer clubs, home and more.

The nets are customized in terms of material and dimensions to suit indoor practice nets, divisional nets, goal post nets for different sports, canvases, and roof/ lights/ window protection nets. The materials used for the netting are UV stabilised polypropylene synthetic netting that are water, shrink and sunlight resistant.

JMR Sporting offers end-to-end consulting services related to designing and executing sports infrastructure projects as per international standards. We aim to deliver high-quality design and development of all requisite infrastructures for sports clubs, stadia, fitness centers, and other facilities across different sports disciplines.

JMR Sporting has standing proof of the quality of design and execution in the JMR Sporting facility that has been built for a world-class sporting experience. In addition, our expert consultant aims to offer insightful market feasibility studies to help clients make informed decisions on implementing sporting infrastructure projects.

JMR Sporting boasts of a pool of talented and experienced professionals who are also sports enthusiasts to design and execute quality sports infrastructure projects for sports clubs, educational institutions and integrate sporting infrastructure as part of real estate projects.

We offer customized solutions to your requirement, cost-effective and built with high-quality material for an exceptional sporting experience. Be it sports lighting, turfs, prefabricated spaces, or nets, and every material has been chosen for its durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness so that we deliver the best execution services.

Our Comprehensive Services

Sports Infrastructure Design & Planning

Manufacture and Supply of Sports Lights, High Masts, Turfs, Nets, and other materials

Consulting on Indoor and Outdoor Sports Development Processes

Consulting on Overall Project Development

Consulting on Tendering & Procurements

Design and Execution of Sports Infrastructure for all Sports Disciplines

JMR Sporting offers consultation and execution services for upgrading or renovating existing sports infrastructure for government bodies, sports clubs, educational institutions, or real estate projects.

Our team of experts and specialized project managers would understand your requirement thoroughly, study the feasibility, and present a comprehensive plan for upgrading your sports infrastructure as per your requirement, within your budget.

Be it creating additional courts, fields, or stadia or upgrading the quality of the existing infrastructure, our team of expert professionals would ensure efficient design and seamless execution of the project with due adherence to international standards.

Do you have a sports facilities construction, upgrade and maintenance project that you would like quotations for? Submit your Request for Quotation, and we will have a free consultation to better understand the scope of work and provide you the project plan.

The proper maintenance of sports infrastructure requires specialized knowledge and expertise. Optimal quality maintenance ensures the durability and longevity of any sporting infrastructure. JMR Sporting is a focused sports-based organization that builds and runs its own sports club and consults, designs, and executes turnkey sports infrastructure projects.

Sports Infrastructure Maintenance services is a critical component of our offerings to ensure that your sports infrastructure is well maintained, with easy access to experts for repairs and renovations through our team of experts. Our maintenance services ensure that your sports infrastructure stays durable for the longest time and positively impacts your ROI, and reduces your cost on repairs and renovations.

Our Services Include

Specialized and Standardized Process for Maintenance for Different Types of Surfaces Like Grass, Turfs, Pitches & Wooden Courts

Specialized and Standardized Process for Maintenance for Different Types of Surfaces Like Grass, Turfs, Pitches & Wooden Courts

Specialized Machines Built for Sports Infrastructure Maintenance

Specialized Machines Built for Sports Infrastructure Maintenance

Consultation for Maintenance, Installation & Execution Services

Consultation for Maintenance, Installation & Execution Services

Turnkey services

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