Stadium Seating Solutions by EZY Seating

Unleash the ultimate in stadium comfort with our unrivaled seating solutions. Transform your cricket stadium infrastructure by exploring our diverse seat categories designed for optimum spectator experience. Dive into the details and download our brochures to choose from a range of seating options that promise quality, durability, and unmatched spectator satisfaction. Elevate your stadium to new heights – providing comfort and experience like no other.

Seat material introduction: The use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw material, hollow blow molding, the material has good waterproof and high impact resistance, mechanical strength and chemical stability, with good weather resistance (heat resistance and cold resistance), seat color selection professional color master batches, to ensure long-lasting beauty.

Seat color can be customized according to customer requirements, or for different site design with personalized color theme.

Seat folding bracket: The front bracket is 3mm thick with hot-rolled plate used as raw material, this hot-rolled plate has better toughness and ductility, by laser cutting material, bending, welding molding (high dimensional accuracy), molding after grinding, sand blasting and rust removal and then surface powder blasting treatment (requires spray thickness of not less than 80 m) has been done. The finished product appears simple and beautiful.

Soft packed service: The seat can be configured with a soft-packed chair surfaceThe use of advanced fabrics, wear-resistant, anti-fading, more comfortable sitting, lined with high-density cold foaming cotton enhanced the durability of the seat. Seat color can be customized according to customer needs.

Categories of Seats we work on for providing comfort stadium seating solution:

  1. Comfort seating - Rèconforter
  2. Ace seating - Avantè
  3. Honor seating - Elegancia
  4. Shared seating - Parte
  5. Stadium seating - Estadio
  6. VIP seating - Bien-être