LED Displays

JMR Sporting’s offers specialized LED screens for indoor and outdoor sporting events, stadiums, advertising, and live events and concerts. We bring you a choice of LED screens and displays, electronic billboards for indoor and outdoor use, video walls, time and temperature display, animated pharmacy crosses and signs, large outdoor video screens, LED nets and curtains for stages, concerts and building walls.

Outdoor Screens
JMR Sporting offers quality LED video display boards which are known for their high brightness with true color LED technology. These cutting-edge display boards are most suitable for streaming live matches, street advertising, shopping centers, stadiums, and live events.

Indoor Screens
LED indoor video displays are ideal for indoor stadiums, sports halls, conventions or exhibitions, fancy shopping malls, hotels and casinos, and airports. The displays produced high resolution, fine pitch, for an optimum viewing experience from a close distance (3-4m minimum distance required for a dot-free vision of P2mm pitch).

Transparent LED Glass Screens
These are highly specialized screens designed as transparent modules for glass buildings to display videos and pictures through the glass panels. Installed from inside, several pitches are available from 3/8 to 10mm with a brightness up to 6000 Nits. Operated by a central PC or video processor, glass walls can perform like a normal giant video screen, day and / or night, as you can choose between two brightness or all day, or night only use, while looking like normal glass walls during the day. Power consumption is low, life very long (over 6 years), and maintenance negligible.