Sports Infra Landscaping

JMR Sporting offers specialized landscaping solutions for various sports infrastructure projects. We offer end-to-end design and execution of interior & exterior landscaping with a comprehensive range of products like live plant installations, custom plant containers, artificial environment, and high impact green walls, tailormade specifically for sporting arena.

Our skilled team of professionals follow a consultative and collaborative approach to incorporate your suggestions, blending with our innovation to deliver the best results.

Garden Design

We specialize in creating functional and attractive lawns, revitalizing gardens, and redefining your outdoor spaces in your sports infrastructure projects. We design and supply quality materials like pots, medium sized plants, trees, garden furniture, lighting, etc., and execute ideas flawlessly.

Gazebo & Pergola

We offer design and execution services of contemporary gazebo or designer pergolas, or Paris gazebo, and other types of outdoor or garden shelters for the outdoor environs of your sports infrastructure project. These gazebos/pergolas offer perfect shelters while seamlessly blending into the outdoor ambience and adding functional as well as aesthetic design value to your outdoor spaces.