General Terms and Conditions

A Booking ★ is an individual or one-off booking that does not form part of a regular series of bookings.

  • The minimum Cricket Nets hire duration for cricket is 1.5 hours.
  • The minimum hire duration for a centre cricket pitch for practice sessions only is 4 hours (* this is intended for practice only and not meant for any casual matches between teams or for tournaments.
  • No Cancellation is allowed only rescheduling is allowed.
  • We need 2hrs lead to prepare pitch.

Booking and Rescheduling Policy

  1. Bookings can only be rescheduled online and at least 3 days prior to the booking date. The amount will be credited to your profile in the form of Credits and can be used for any future bookings at JMR Sporting. The credits are only valid for the current year and cannot be carried to the next year.
  2. Transfer of a booking date due to UAE religious or public holidays will not be permitted; hence, request you to please check the dates before booking.
  3. JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy reserve the right to alter or cancel bookings or to implement block-out dates. If a booking is cancelled by JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy any advance payments relating to the cancelled booking will be refunded.
  4. Bookings are only confirmed when a payment is made, the receipt issued by the 3rd party payment partner and a booking confirmation along with the invoice is sent to the registered email.
  5. Failure to comply with the payment term will result in bookings being cancelled. If bookings are cancelled due to any non-payment, JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy shall not refund any advance payments received for the cancelled bookings and the Hirer shall remain liable for any unpaid charges applicable to those cancelled bookings.


  1. Allow yourself and your guests/visitors plenty of time to reach JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy to ensure you are ready to start your game on time.
  2. Out of courtesy to other users, please keep all people associated with your booking clear of the pitches till the booking start time. Kindly vacate the pitches at the end of your booked activity for the next user. The Hire/User must ensure they vacate and leave the pitches and/or facilities clean and tidy during and at the completion of their allocated time. Failure to do so will result in any additional clean up time being charged.
  3. Only those persons authorised in writing by the hirer can uplift goods on behalf of the hirer.
  4. No personal adjustments to the existing pitch set-up will be allowed.
  5. For the benefit of all customers and staff visitors to, and participants of, the booked activity must cooperate with and always follow the instructions of the manager and staff on duty.
  6. Any public announcements, scores or amplified music must be kept to a minimum level. The duty manager is entitled to remove any speakers or microphones if the volume is disturbing other visitors.
  7. All players, spectators and the accompanied visitors must follow the admission procedure and ensure valid identification is provided to complete their booking. JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy reserves the right to refuse admission to any visitor for failure to complete the booking process. To avoid queues we request all visitors to complete the registration process for booking before coming to the venue.
  8. JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy cannot be held responsible for any sports related injuries, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use or interpretation of the material, or from taking part in any activity or event.
  9. JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy shall not be liable to any party for any losses damage or expenses arising out of any circumstance which may cause the facility to be temporarily closed.
  10. JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy shall not be liable to any party if the booking is interrupted, delayed or cancelled.
  11. JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy has a limited number of sports equipment (e.g bowling matching, side arm, balls, water, etc) they are subject to availability and need to be blocked while booking it is strongly advisable to bring your own sports equipment with you.
  12. Eating, Smoking and drinking on the pitches is prohibited. It is a JMR Sporting/Mentors Academy rule that no food or beverage (including liquor can be consumed on the premises or elsewhere on the site including vehicles and buildings. It is also a government licence condition that no liquor can be taken off site. These rulings are non-negotiable and any organisation or persons found disregarding this condition will risk immediate cancellation of the game in progress and any future approval for their or their organisations use of the facility. Also in addition to this ruling you may be charged a AED 5,000 fine and until this is paid in full no further bookings will be accepted from the organisation.
  13. Dogs or other animals are strictly prohibited from Nets at any time.
  14. All facility users are required to act responsibly and respect the facility and other users at all times whilst at JMR Sporting/Mentors Academy . Any damage to the facility and/or its equipment, if caused by the hirer or their guests, shall be charged to the hirer including any replacement of items with new equipment if repair is not acceptable to JMR Sporting/Mentors Academy.
  15. JMR Sporting/Mentors Academy reserves the right to refuse admission at any time to any person or group due to unacceptable behaviour or refusing to follow rules and conditions operating at JMR Sporting/Mentors Academy.
  16. The hirer will be liable and responsible for any personal injury, accident or death, or any loss or damage to JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy facility or personal property or vehicles caused by any organisers, participants, spectators or invitees attending any of the hirer’s activities in connection with a booking. The hirer will be responsible for obtaining any insurance in relation to its activities or its guest’s use of the facility as it deems appropriate.
  17. Unless specifically agreed in writing, JMR Sporting LLC/Mentors Academy is not responsible for providing any security, medical assistance or facilities (including any first aid or ambulance services) or any other requirements in connection with any event conducted by the hirer in connection with a booking.
  18. The Hirer will be responsible for complying with all official and/or legal requirements in relation to any event conducted by the Hirer in connection with a booking