Welcome to JMR Sporting's World

JMR Sporting proudly holds the reins of the Pakistan Legends Franchise, an active contender in the Road Safety World Series. Prepare to witness a pioneering chapter in cricket history. Icons from Pakistan and Afghanistan are forging an extraordinary team for Season 3, a thrilling installment of the esteemed Indian league. This landmark collaboration not only underscores cricket's uniting influence but also champions road safety advocacy.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we unite athletes from diverse corners of the globe, fostering unity, camaraderie, and the noble cause of road safety. Brace for the birth of a cricket team that transcends borders, embodying the essence of friendship and sportsmanship.

Our Vision

Envision a cricket team that defies boundaries – a union of cricketing legends from Pakistan and Afghanistan, displaying their unmatched skill and sportsmanship. This collective, a symbol of unity and camaraderie, is poised to engage in the exhilarating Indian series, a global platform that champions the vital cause of Road Safety. We extend an open invitation for you to be part of this monumental expedition, forging history together.

Players Showcase: A Glimpse of Legends

Prepare to be swept away by a wave of nostalgia as you explore our carousel, featuring the unmatched talents of Pakistan's cricketing icons. Stepping onto the grand stage of the Road Safety World Series, we present a constellation of cricketing maestros who've donned the Pakistan jersey with pride and brought laurels to the nation. Keep an eye on this space for insights into our players, their remarkable achievements, and their dedicated role in advocating road safety.

Captured Moments: In the Gallery

Our 'Gallery' encapsulates a trove of memories where the past converges with the present. Immerse yourself in discovering rare snapshots of our legends in action – moments that highlight their journey in the Road Safety World Series, candid behind-the-scenes snapshots, and their unwavering commitment to promoting road safety. Each captured instant serves as a testament to their enduring passion for the sport, their mutual respect, and their resolute dedication to the cause.