At JMR Sporting, we provide customers with a range of Keiser Functional Trainer Packages, giving them the opportunity to exercise effectively. We will discuss the advantages and usability of Keiser Functional Trainer Packages for customers of all levels below.

What is the Keiser Functional Trainer?

The Keiser Functional Trainer is a complete commercial-grade strength training system that offers a low-impact, joint-friendly, full body workout. It includes a pulley system with adjustable resistance, giving you complete control of your workout intensity and provides targeted and varied exercise.

Advantages of the Keiser Functional Trainer

The Keiser Functional Trainer allows for variable-resistance strength training from any angle and plane of motion, allowing for a more effective and efficient workout with minimal impact. It is also low maintenance, quiet, and easy to use, making it perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages. Its adjustable design also makes it perfect for group classes and workouts.

How the Keiser Functional Trainer can benefit CrossFit training

Keiser Functional Trainer strengthens the core muscles and increases speed, agility, and endurance for all CrossFit Workouts Of The Day. It helps train patients in multi-directional movement patterns and isolates individual muscles in a range of motion. This makes it perfect for CrossFit athletes looking to gain an edge in their performance.

Advantages of Keiser Functional Trainer for Cricketers

  • Improves batting, bowling and fielding performance
  • Helps in developing strength and power
  • Enhances agility, coordination and balance
  • Provides a full body workout

Usability of Keiser Functional Trainer for Cricketers

  • Allows the cricketer to practice cricket specific movements in a safe and controlled environment
  • Can be used for both pre-game warm ups and post-game cool downs
  • Can be used to improve core strength and stability
  • Can be used to increase speed, accuracy and reaction time

Usability of the Keiser Functional Trainer

The Keiser Functional Trainer is durable, portable and user friendly which makes it perfect for home and gym use. This type of machine is designed to also create variable resistance to precisely replicate your CrossFit movements and drills. Also, it offers low impact training, reduces pressure on joints while training.

Keiser Packages

Keiser’s Functional Trainer packages at JMR Sporting promise to deliver a seamless and safe experience for ushers of all skill levels in their CrossFit regime. With adjustable flows, heights and positions, the Functional Trainer is a must-have for those looking to get serious about CrossFit. With long-lasting structure and personalized fit, one can make the most out of this machine.