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Nurturing young athletes with holistic development at the Mentors Academy by JMR Sporting

Mentors Academy is the premier sports academy in UAE, offering top-notch coaching in cricket and football. Our cricket academy in Dubai is dedicated to nurturing the raw talent of young cricketers, while our football academy in Dubai aims to develop the next generation of football stars.

We are an academy driven by Passion, maneuvered by Character and accelerated by Excellence. The academic curriculum is based on the Quartic Foundation of Mentors Academy. The four pillars of the foundation are Sporting Skills, Nutrition and Physical Health, Mental Fitness and Holistic Development.

Our coaching philosophy is centered around providing a holistic approach to sports, focusing not only on skill development but also on nutrition, mental fitness and overall well-being. Our experienced mentors, all of whom have played at the international level, are committed to instilling in our students the values of agility, professionalism, teamwork, and success.

At Mentors Academy, we are passionate about helping young athletes reach their full potential, both on and off the field. By providing a structured and integrated program, we aim to equip our students with the knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to succeed in sports and in life. We believe in fostering a culture of excellence, character, and dedication, and are committed to providing a world-class training environment for our students.

If you are looking to take your cricket or football game to the next level, Mentors Academy is the place to be. Come join us and let us help you unlock your full potential as a sports person.

Our Curriculum

The Mentors Academy promotes and follows the Differentiated Learning Program for students. This program allows students to learn at their own pace and achieve the desired skill set.

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Our Mentors

The Mentors Academy in Dubai offers top-notch coaching for cricket and football enthusiasts. Our team of highly experienced mentors and ICC Certified Coaches at JMR Sporting are dedicated to helping the students reach their full potential.

Our cricket academy in Dubai has renowned mentors like Paul Nixon, Virender Sehwag, Michael Vaughan, Chaminda Vaas, and Nida Dar associated for the purpose of nurturing young talent. These mentors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, providing invaluable guidance to the students. With their expertise, students can hone their skills and improve their game, setting them on the path to success.

In addition to our cricket program, the Mentors Academy also boasts a top-tier football academy in Dubai. Our team of experienced and highly qualified coaches are committed to nurturing the talent of aspiring football players, helping them develop the skills and mindset needed to excel in the sport.

At the Mentors Academy, we understand the importance of mentorship and coaching in the journey to success. Our mentors and coaches play a pivotal role in motivating and guiding our students, ensuring that they develop the right attitude and mindset to achieve their goals. With their support, our students are empowered to become the best version of themselves, both on and off the field.


Through our well-structured Talent Management Program, we intend to open avenues of opportunity for deserving and aspiring talents of Mentors Academy leveraging JMR Sporting’s and our Mentors' goodwill and reputation with world sporting bodies, associations and International Leagues.

Students can pursue any further professional Careers opportunities that includes:

  • Sports development & coaching
  • PE teaching
  • Nutrition sports science
  • Sports performance analysis