Fitness & Wellness

JMR Sporting’s Fitness & Wellness initiatives holistically address different areas, and dimensions, of well-being through specific programs designed to address different fitness goals. Our 3600 fitness and wellness solutions cover fitness training, yoga, and meditation, all of which are delivered by certified and experienced trainers.

JMR Sporting enables progressive organizations to promote healthy lifestyles among employees, their spouses, and dependents of employees.

JMR Sporting also offers Group Fitness Activities like Aerobics, Yoga, Meditation Coaching, etc., for individuals, corporates and educational institutions.

The expert Trainers & Fitness Coaches at JMR Sporting are drawn from the Registered Exercise Professionals of UAE (REPS UAE) - CATEGORY A Personal Trainers.

Our Signature Fitness & Wellness Programs

JMR Sporting’s Signature Fitness & Wellness Programs Designed For Individuals, Corporates And Educational Institutions

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Gym Membership

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J-2 Program

Fat-loss in 6 weeks


J-3 Program

Body Re-composition (Weight-loss, Muscle-gain, Core-strength)


J-4 Program

Functional Training (increase the ease of everyday life, improve balance and posture, help with joint pain, reduce the risk of injury)

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J-5 Program

Yoga & Meditation (Flexibility, Core-strength & Stress Management)

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Personalized Dietary Advice by Qualified Dieticians

Eat Rite

JMR Sporting’s Eat Rite program has been conceived to fulfil the dietary requirements of sportspersons, fitness enthusiasts, or to support specific fitness goals like weight-loss or weight-gain.

We have a world-class Cafeteria that is governed by experienced Chefs who work in collaboration with our qualified dieticians to deliver customized healthy food.

Eat Rite is an ideal option for those who are unable to spare time and effort to get the right food to suit their fitness goals regularly.

Currently we have a weekly fixed menu option that has been designed by our qualified dieticians, and the items can be pre-ordered for dine-in or take-away. We will soon be delivering customized diet food to your doorstep.