Engage your employees with a comprehensive training program at JMR Sporting

JMR Sporting offers a wide range of corporate engagement opportunities, including Corporate Events and Corporate Training programs. Our experienced Corporate Trainers provide comprehensive training programs to enhance employee Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. Our workshops, coaching, and mentoring programs are designed to empower employees and support their ongoing Learning and Development.

As a corporate member with JMR Sporting, your organization will have access to our customized training programs, tailored to meet your specific needs. During a Needs Analysis session, our team will work closely with your organization's L&D team to create a program that is perfectly aligned with your goals. Our goal is to provide a customized, off-the-shelf program through our Knowledge Bricks.

Investing in employee training and development is a keyway for organizations to demonstrate their commitment to their employees. By engaging in our Workshops, Training, Coaching, and Mentoring programs, employers can show their support for their employees' growth and development. This, in turn, can lead to increased employee retention and reduced attrition. At JMR Sporting, we are dedicated to helping organizations build a culture of continuous learning and growth for their employees.

An Ideal Environment for Corporate Programs

In our organization, we prioritize the development of your team through tailored Corporate Events, Corporate Training, Workshops, Coaching, and Mentoring programs. We begin by conducting a thorough needs analysis to fully understand your requirements. Once we have established the specific program that aligns with your needs, our experienced corporate trainers will deliver the program.

We recognize that each organization is unique and may prefer customized programs that cater to their specific needs. With our extensive range of programs, we offer the flexibility to select the most suitable one for your team. We understand and appreciate that a one-size-fits-all approach may not work for every organization, and we are more than happy to accommodate customization.

Our Corporate Workshops and Trainings take place at our sporting facility in Dubai, providing participants with a refreshing change of environment and the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone. This environment acts as a catalyst for improved learning and energizes the participants.

Our workshops and training sessions are designed to be high energy and fun-filled, featuring activity-driven learning experiences. We believe in interactive sessions that focus on acquiring new skills and knowledge, steering clear of the traditional, passive lecture-style approach.

We adopt the same meticulous process that your organization follows for collecting feedback and attendance. Additionally, we gather participant feedback according to your organization's approved format. We highly value the feedback we receive from our participants, as it shapes the high-quality programs that we offer.

Our programs cater to employees at all levels, including C-Level Top Management, Senior Management, Mid Management executives, team leaders, supervisors, and others. Based on your organization's preferences, you can select who will benefit from these workshops and training sessions once the program is finalized.

Our Knowledge Bricks

Team Building, Leadership Skills, Intrapreneurship Skills, Communication Skills, Business Etiquette (Email, Tele Conferencing, Travel), Negotiation Skills, Solution Selling, Question Skills, listening skills, Creativity, Problem Solving, Time Management, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Interpersonal Skills, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Key Account Management, Decision Making, Attention to Details, and many more.

We call them Knowledge bricks since these can be delivered as standalone programs or they can be combined as per the requirement/need, customized and delivered to your employees.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Programs

We offer fully customized Coaching and Mentoring Programs for corporate events and training workshops. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each organization, focusing on learning and development goals. Our expert trainers work closely with L&D teams to create mentorship programs that foster innovation, performance, and talent retention.

Our Corporate Mentorship programs aim to create a competitive advantage for organizations and embed an innovation and performance-based work culture to attract and retain top talent and have them motivated to do their best.

Contact us for more information to discuss and finalize a model of engagement through a mutually collaborative approach.