Welcome to a World-class Sporting Experience.

JMR Sporting (FZC), a subsidiary of JMR Infotech Middle East FZC, United Arab Emirates, has been established to provide a world-class sporting, fitness training, sports coaching, healthy diet, and other sports and fitness related services in the UAE.

Experience the spirit of true sporting with the state-of-the-art sports infrastructure designed as per international standards. The distinct aesthetic environment at JMR Sporting is ideal for sporting events, corporate tournaments, activity-based corporate training programs, and more.

The multiple-live barbecue pits, family recreation areas, hangout zones, kids’ play zone, and other amenities spread across a lush green landscape makes JMR Sporting an ideal destination for a weekend getaway with family and friends.

Our team is comprised of sporting enthusiasts who understand your preferences and strive to make your visit to JMR Sporting a memorable one.

Turnkey Sporting Infrastructure Projects

JMR Sporting also provides Consultation, Implementation and Execution services for designing and constructing Sporting Arenas, and associated sporting & fitness related infrastructure. JMR Sporting manufactures and supplies top-quality material required for sporting infrastructure like LED Floodlights, High Masts, Cables, all fitted with international-standards equipment and accessories, high quality Aluminium / Steel-cladded Fire-resistant Prefabricated Spaces, Artificial Turfs, Nets, Fences, and other materials for sports infrastructure at a reasonable cost.

JMR Sporting has the expertise and resources to ensure seamless execution of TURNKEY projects for sporting infrastructure. JMR Sporting can also help upgrade and enhance existing sports infrastructure for institutions, clubs, and societies efficiently and cost-effectively.

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360° Fitness and Wellness Program

JMR Sporting also provides a 360 degree fitness and wellness solutions in the form of fitness training, yoga, and meditation. JMR Sporting has certified expert trainers and qualified dieticians to ensure comprehensive and customized diet and fitness programs for individuals and corporates. Through our best-in-class Café Feliz and with the help of our expert dieticians, we offer Customized Diet Food for not just fitness and sports enthusiasts, but also for anyone with specific fitness goals. Be it for weight-loss, weight-gain, or simply even for a healthy living, our dieticians are there to guide you through each step.

Sports Coaching & Training

JMR Sporting boasts a team of expert trainers with extensive international experience in cricket and football. Committed to delivering high-quality coaching and skill development, our trainers are dedicated to enhancing your athletic abilities. Moreover, we provide sports coaching services for educational institutions and corporate organizations.

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Activity Based Corporate Training

JMR Sporting’s offers an unparalleled environment for Corporate Events and activity based Corporate Training programs. We have qualified and experienced Corporate Trainers who can offer comprehensive training programs from our existing repository of modules or create a customized training program in consultation with the organization’s L&D team.

Sports & Fitness Store

JMR Sporting’s Fitness Store offers sports & fitness equipment, apparel, and other accessories. JMR Sporting’s global strategic partnership enables us to provide international quality accessories at a reasonable cost.

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Our Team of Sports Enthusiasts

Jayafar Moidu
Jayafar Moidu

CEO, JMR Sporting


Executive Director, JMR Sporting


General Manager

jaafer aaaaramkuni

Marketing and Business Development Manager

jaafer aaaaramkuni

Head Coach - Football

jaafer aaaaramkuni

Head Coach and Administration - Cricket

jaafer aaaaramkuni

Events Director